Saturday, January 31, 2009

Behind Anger=Change

My purpose for this blog is better understand, communicate and connect with others that share my similar interests and disinterests. To reach out to people who share the same passion for change and progression. Whether that be changing how the government treats us, how the media views us, or how we treat each other, the change is necessary. Malcolm X said, "...When [people] get angry, they bring about a change." I wholeheartedly believe that until people realize that's there's nothing wrong with a little anger, we won't be able to be the driving force that accomplishes that change. There are steps that we can take to produce those changes. I believe the first step is to TALK about it. We have to have honest, open, and straightforward discussions on what's going on in our communities, our country, and our world.

My first post was pretty heavy, but that was to put into perspective what our main goal should be. We should always question this so-called "authority" and not allow them to give us incomplete answers and insufficient justice. It's important to remember our struggles (past and present) so that we don't lose focus on what we are fighting for everyday. Although today we have a Black President, that does not erase the years of racism and inequalities that we faced, still face, and will continue to face in the future. Let's be real. Racism isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It would be foolish of us to believe that. This country was BUILT on racism. The blood of our ancestors soak this soil because of racist, hate-filled views. It would be nice to live in an absolutely equal society where racism doesn't exist, but unfortunately, that's not the way of the world. However, we can make it so more people will become a little more racially sensitive and tolerant of one another. As I said, it starts with discussion. We should not be afraid to talk about race in front of "mixed" (i.e. other races) company. How will others know how we feel if we don't let them in on what's going on? So let's discuss...

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